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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Season's Readings: Happy Hooves Oh! Oh! Oh!

It's Christmas. Cow is very excited about Santa's visit, cleaning her barn. She runs around the farm, waking her friends and telling them to clean their homes. So Pig cleans up, but then has a thought- his sty doesn't have a chimney! How will Santa deliver his stockings? So he goes to Sheep's house, who doesn't have one either! What to do? Maybe Donkey can help...

This lovely story, told in rollicking rhyming couplets, is beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Elliot. I adored the Christmas jumpers- very "now"! It's a perfect Advent read for children, especially if you want them to tidy their rooms! Recommended for cold evenings with hot chocolate. 

I am very grateful to Fat Fox for an advance copy of this book. This review represents my honest opinion. 


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