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Thursday 30 October 2014

Book review: Prankenstein by Andy Seed


Pugh Thompson, known as Soapy, has three afflictions: an extremely risk averse lawyer mum , who is very ambitious for her son, the appalling Venus, who will stop at nothing for the best parts in the school play and to win a TV talent show, and his allergy to cheese.

Overnight a prankster has started hitting Soapy's family and neighbours, with the sort of pranks he would love to get away with. Who will be hit next? And is there any connection to the crumbs of cheese found nearby...

This is a fun book for fans of a Horrid Henry seeking more challenge, or of Mr Gum. I'd recommend it for Y3 or Y4 book corners. The illustrations are fantastic. My only criticism is for a couple of typos, and that some references are perhaps over the heads of this age group.

This review previously appeared on Goodreads. Thank you to Fat Fox Books who sent me a review copy; the views above are my honest opinion.


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  2. Very few people become great by being timid and quiet.Hmm.. some of these advice tips seem strangely familiar.. Wonder where they came from.