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Wednesday 24 December 2014

My Christmas without Amazon

I have been loathe to buy from Amazon for a while now. Having moved from London, where thankfully there are still many wonderful local bookshops, to Brighton where wonderful City Books and The Book Nook fly the flag for independent books, I want to make sure that I do my bit for "shopping locally". 

Even someone as disorganised as me has managed it. How? By using Hive- You can order online and either pick up from a local bookshop, or they deliver to you. But each purchase benefits the shop you nominate, and Hive's range is getting bigger all the time.

In London I frequently ordered books from Big Green Bookshop, who could get books quicker than Amazon, and since there was no delivery fee, often at no greater cost than from Amazon.

So as well as going Amazon-free for Christmas, I will be avoiding Amazon after Christmas too. 


  1. Good for you, I try never to use Amazon and to shop locally here in NYC, where you would think that would be easy, and yet, it isn't always. Being Amazon is like being smoke free, somehow.

  2. I'm mostly buying ebooks these days, I'm out of room on my shelves, though trying to weed. The only time I have ever bought books online was when I needed something out of print or just not available in Australia, for research, and then I went to ABEbooks, which specialises in second hand. And even then, if the book I wanted, on ABE, was listed as available at a Melbourne second hand bookshop, I would phone and buy it from there.

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