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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Reading habits

Following Scott PackBig Green Bookshop and Maggie Bob's lead, I'm going to write briefly about how, when, why and where I read.
1. I read anything and everything. Literary fiction, crime (though not gory; see below), horror (as above), romantic fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, historical , cookery books, even though I don't cook much: everything.
2. Books with a lot of graphic violence/ sexual violence, particularly against women, I find very difficult to read. Particularly rape as character development: see a lot of urban paranormal. Ugh.
3. I read anywhere and everywhere, except on the loo (eww) and on buses (make me travel sick). I feel a bit anxious if I don't have at least one book on the go. 
4. I mostly read paperback books, bought from physical shops. It depresses me that so many high streets are just betting shops, charity shops, pound shops and "cash converters". I'm the same with music- I support record shops. Use them or lose them and live in clone-town.
5. I don't judge you if you read differently from me. Reading should be pleasurable, fun and enhance your life. It shouldn't be like eating this bowl of twigs and dust that I'm chewing because it's good for me. 
Now, what are your reading habits?